Only Jesus Is Altogether Lovely.

I love the symbolism of Jesus as fine flour. Leviticus 2 says, “When anyone offers a grain offering to the Lord, his offering shall be of find flour…”

Fine flour comes from wheat that has been pounded and beaten again and again, and sifted several times.

Doesn’t that remind you of Jesus’ sufferings and sacrifice for you?

And like fine flour, there is nothing coarse about Jesus. Every word that He spoke when He was in this world, every thought, every action, was so fine! When He was kind, He was not soft. When He was assertive, He was not overbearing. Like a perfect diamond, every which way you turn Him, you see flawlessness, beauty and brilliance. There is no one as lovely and perfect like Jesus!

What about the pillars of our faith like Abraham, Peter, Paul, John? We talk about them all the time. They are mentioned and even wrote scriptures, didn’t they have it all together?

Well, let’s take a look at them.

Moses, who the Bible says was more humble than any man on the face of the earth, was once so furious with his people that he struck a rock twice to give them water. He was sick and tired of their complaining and did something he was not supposed to do. His temper got the better of him on that occasion.

Abraham, who Christians regard as the ultimate man of faith, lied about his wife being his sister when a king coveted her. He actually endangered her life just to save his own skin.

Peter, who was deeply committed to Jesus, actually denied Him three times. That’s pretty bad, isn’t it? I don’t think we’d approve of any of our leaders making that mistake, would we? Somehow, Jesus did.

John, the disciple who leaned on Jesus’ chest during the last Passover, was ready to call down fire from heaven to destroy the inhabitants of Samaria because they had rejected Jesus. I might do that in a traffic jam, but I really don’t mean it. He did!

Paul, the apostle of grace, who blazed the missionary trail which future missionaries would follow, went to Jerusalem when he was told not to by the Holy Spirit, some disciples and a prophet. He could be stubborn and self-willed.

The point here is that even the best of us can miss the mark. The only one who is faultless, flawless and perfect is Jesus. And because He never misses the mark, you can look to Him for unconditional love and forgiveness. He will never disappoint you!

Let’s get our mind and focus off of us and put it on Jesus. When we do we can easily find love and forgiveness, for ourselves, and for others.


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