Look to the skies.

I live in southern California and there is some serious rain heading our way. That means we are going to see some rainbows! I think everyone in the world would agree that it’s a pretty awesome thing to see.

Do you know the significance of the rainbow? It came about in Noah’s time. He lived during what has to be the worst time in history. The world had become so perverse, evil and wicked that God had to destroy everything in it, that’s why He sent the flood. God spared everyone except for Noah, his family, and some animals in the Ark.

 “I have placed my rainbow in the clouds. It is the sign of My covenant with you and with all the earth.” – Genesis 9:13

After the flood, as a covenant sign to Noah, and to us, God put a rainbow in the sky to remind us that He will never judge the earth again with a flood. God’s last judgement happens to the unsaved at the great white throne judgement. Remember, we as believers will not face that because our sins are already dealt with. Those that are not believers will have their sins judged. Our sins were judged in Jesus! A rainbow is God’s sign of eternal forgiveness and mercy. It reminds us of how much He loves us.

What is a really cool is the meaning of the word “rainbow”. The word is “keshet”, and it also means “war bow”, as in a bow that is used in actual war. Not only did God tell us He wouldn’t judge the earth again, but if you’ll notice the “bow” points to heaven, away from earth. The rainbow you see has an arc to it. That is just another confirmation that God will never point His wrath to us again.

God is so awesome! He made the most beautiful things into teaching moments. So, when you see the next rainbow, remember that your sins were judged in Jesus and that no wrath will ever come upon you!

Jesus is our true ark!