The Great Exchange

As a believer, to live a victorious life, we must understand that we are no longer sinners. Jesus has made us righteous.

That means that when God looks at you, He doesn’t see your sins, He see you righteous because He sees you through the blood of Jesus. You are approved, accepted and free from the power of sin.

This is good news because we were once prisoners of sin. Sin is more than an action (verb), it’s also a place (noun). We usually think of sin as our actions, but it’s also a position.

Think of sin like a jail cell. Because of Adam’s fall, we were born into a prison, the same cell. We were sinners from birth. But Jesus did something for us that’s amazing.

Because of the cross, Jesus broke us loose from the prison of sin and secured us into a place of righteousness.

Roman’s 6:18 says, “having been set free from sin, you became slaves of righteousness.” This exchange is why sin has no more power in your life.

Many believers are still living in guilt and condemnation. They believe that Christianity is about right living. So when they fall, they are consumed with guilt.

Christianity is about right believing!

If we see ourselves as sinners (still caught in the prison of sin), guilt and condemnation empower sin. Guilt and condemnation don’t reduce sin, it fuels it.

The power of sin is broken when you refuse to receive condemnation. Period.

Jesus shed His blood at the cross. He paid the price. He suffered the guilt, the punishment, the penalties. You are approved. God loves you, He only sees you perfect and holy….because of the blood of Jesus.

So don’t ever focus on sin, focus on righteousness. You can’t lose your righteousness through your disobedience because you never got it in the first place by your obedience!

It’s because of Jesus.

Romans 5:19 says, “through the obedience of Jesus many are made righteous.”

This is the beauty of grace. Grace produces victorious living, filled with a strong relationship with God, freedom from addictions and supernatural favor.

When you are under grace…sin has no power.

It’s time we all realized the promises in the Bible are for us. Don’t think, “I’ve messed up too much for God to bless me.” You are righteous, not by your own success or failures, but by the work of Jesus. You are righteous once and for all.