What is a Lost Shepherd?

Just what is a Lost Shepherd? We know what a shepherd in a church is, it’s the pastor. But have you ever thought about what happens to them when they are hurting? Who is going to look for them and care for them?

That’s what this blog is all about…helping those shepherds/pastors/ministers that are lost and hurting find their way back into the grace and love of Jesus Christ. This blog is also for those pastors and leaders looking for wisdom and guidance when facing a crisis situation and how to handle it.

We have to face the fact that church leadership will always makes mistakes. They also deserve the same grace, forgiveness and love that they extend to others. Many pastors have been put on pedestals and not allowed to be human. That is a tragic mistake. When a leader sins there does not need to be shamed or embarrassed. That is not what the church is about. Unfortunately, this condemnation sends leaders away from their friends and congregations, sometimes never to be heard from again. We aren’t supposed to do that with the sheep of the congregation, so why do it with our leaders?

Simply put, two sets of standards are put into play, one for leaders and one for followers.

We do hold our leaders to a high expectation but WHEN they fall short they must be treated with gentleness, love and compassion. The example of exiting a pastor because their child makes a mistake or due to a moral failure is simply wrong. We are supposed to allow God to work His amazing grace into that person’s life, allowing them to repent, then gently love them back into the congregation and back into their leadership roles if possible.

I know many people don’t think that a “fallen” pastor has any business being in a leadership role again, but these men and women have callings on their lives and restoration cannot be exclusive to the members of a church…it’s for us all!

If you know of a shepherd that has been lost for a while…help them find their way back.


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  1. savedbygrace says:

    @”I know many people don’t think that a “fallen” pastor” has any business being in a leadership role again

    are believers ever fallen from God?
    are believers ever rejected by God when they “fall”?

    Jesus bore all their sins at the cross.
    It is a low estimate of what Jesus has done,
    when we classify belivers like that

    God can exalt the “fallen” just like how
    God can use the “fools” to confound the “wise”

    no one is above or below the other. we are all equal
    in God’s sight. at least I am talking to believers.

    – grace and peace


    1. Love your blog…I added it to our blogroll. I think it’s SOOOOO important that the more people are exposed to Jesus’ message of grace the better!


      1. savedbygrace says:

        oh thanks. Its


        – grace and peace


  2. Love your emphasis! May your message spread.


  3. Mike says:

    Dan, how are you doing? Haven’t heard much from you lately. Just checking in. Mike @ whenapastorfalls.com/


    1. surfandturf says:

      Hey Mike, good to hear from you. Sorry I haven’t been in touch. We’ve been watching God do some great things across the country…getting people back on the message of grace and redemption after failure can be quite a struggle, as you know, but we are all encouraged seeing faith and hope restored in those that see what Jesus’ came for. What else have we got? haha

      Hope things are well with you…talk to you soon.


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